Toolset – The Ultimate WordPress No-Code Builder Toolbox?

Toolset – The Ultimate WordPress No-Code Builder Toolbox?

This post was updated in March 2019 with a new 20% discount, updated descriptions, new Toolset tools, as well as new showcase examples that show the true power of this suite of plugins.

Build complete WordPress sites without coding.

Is that really possible?

The Toolset plugins from OnTheGoSystems promise that yes, it is possible.

Toolset is a collection of WordPress plugins that let you build virtually anything without coding. We’ve been using these plugins for a while across a variety of sites, so we worked out a deal with the Toolset team especially for our readers. Click on the banner below to get 20% off Toolset (discount applied automatically, no coupon code required).

You can define content types, display content, control access, and build front-end editing forms. Those are the building blocks of any website.

No PHP coding skills are needed and you can build entire sites from within the WordPress admin just with Toolset.

The Toolset package consists of four main components.

  • Types defines content types and customizes the WordPress admin
  • Views loads content and displays it any way you choose
  • Forms builds front-end forms for creating and editing content
  • Access lets you control which users can access content
  • Layouts uses full power of Bootstrap, together with a convenient drag-and-drop editor

Types is available for free from the WordPress plugin repository, but you only get access to the other components when purchasing Toolset, which is an investment of $149.

Not sure whether you’ll be able to build these features yourself? Toolset has you covered with its Custom Types Training Course which provides 16 bite sized videos to teach you how to build some of its most important features. By the end of it you’ll be able to start building

Still skeptical? Browse the showcase showing some of the sites that have already been built using Toolset, including the one below from Worcestershire Food & Drink. We even have some other examples here on WP Mayor for education sites and directory sites, all built with Toolset.

Now before you dismiss Toolset as another failed WordPress site builder attempt by some over enthusiastic young developer, you should know that OnTheGoSystems are the team behind WPML, the best multilanguage plugin for WordPress.

They already have thousands of customers world-wide, and consequently know a thing or two about development, QA and customer support. When a company of that size and calibre puts its weight behind Toolset, you know this has got to be promising in the least.

Let’s take a closer look at all the components of Toolset and how they’re being used on real websites right now.


Types is the integrated solution for customizing WordPress.

  • Create custom post types, taxonomy and custom fields – all from within your WordPress dashboard.
  • It gives you the ability to create a wide selection of custom field types, all repeatable.
  • It enables you to create custom post types with parent/child relationships.

Types is being put to great use on the Rieger website, which uses custom post types to create a section for its menu, reservations and events among many others.

Get Types with Toolset


Views plugin is the display engine for Toolset.

  • Build WordPress sites from within the admin dashboard.
  • Create entire sites or add functionality to existing ones.
  • Runs entirely from the WordPress admin.
  • Design your site without a single line of PHP.
  • Customize page templates and lists for posts, pages and any custom content you create.
  • Works with any WordPress theme. The theme determines the styling, Views lets you control the functionality.

It can be used to create truly beautiful websites. Helena Frith Powell’s website uses Views to display all of her latest articles in a pleasing way which is easy to browse through.

Get Views with Toolset


Want to build WordPress classifieds sites, directories or anything else that requires user-interaction? Toolset Forms is the solution. Forms gives you the ultimate Front-End Content Creation and Editing functionality.

  • Use it to create and edit any WordPress content type, with custom fields and taxonomy.
  • It will build the forms for you, and you design the look using simple HTML and CSS.
  • The comprehensive API allows you to build complete web apps with WordPress.
  • All Toolset Forms forms can create or edit posts in the database.
  • It knows the custom fields and taxonomy for every post type.
  • It comes with complete access control, API and other features that let you build complete web-apps on WordPress, making it very developer friendly.

For example, ICO Drip allows users to fill out forms to advertise their investments without having to log in to the WordPress admin or email the details to the site’s manager.

Get Forms with Toolset


Access lets you control what different users can do on your site.

  • Manage user roles and privileges.
  • Control what content different users can read, create, edit, publish and delete.
  • All done through a simple user interface.
  • Hand-pick privileges for entire roles or specific users for each content-type.
  • Assign privileges to users using a simple UI to determine what different users can do.
  • You can also define your custom roles and assign privileges to each kind of user.
  • Also include a complete API so you can integrate it with your custom code.

Havard Club of New York used Access to create an exclusive section for members to be able to see the events calendar, make reservations or book training.

Get Access with Toolset


Layouts exposes everything that Bootstrap offers, allowing you complete control over every element.

  • It produces clean and accurate HTML, which you can style accurately and conveniently.
  • Layouts combines convenient drag-and-drop with pixel-accurate output.
  • It can work as a page-builder, letting you design “the content”.
  • It works on pages, posts and custom types.
  • Layouts can add Bootstrap to any theme and lets you use all its power to design responsive grids and fancy elements.

In one last example, Priority Ministries used Layouts to customize each page and decide which Views they want to display and where.

Get Layouts with Toolset

Custom Search

With the Custom Search option you can build custom searches for any custom post type.

  • Include inputs by custom fields, taxonomy, relationship and text searches.
  • The search can include text, numbers, checkboxes, radio inputs and more.
  • Show the results with your own custom design, even on maps.

Anindilyakwa Arts employs a custom search to help users find the exact art they are looking for. It has a number of filters to help them narrow down their choice.

Get Custom Search with Toolset

Reminder: Save 20% on Toolset with WP Mayor

We have a special deal from Toolset just for our readers. Save 20% on the Toolset set of plugins! Click on the banner below to redeem the discount automatically (no coupon code required).

So what do you think about Toolset? Any Toolset users out there that want to share their creations? Fire away in the comments section below.

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